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Melbourne Accommodation offers you the best rates and availability for accommodation in Melbourne hotels, motels and Melbourne apartments. Our room rates at Melbourne Accommodation are highly competitive and most often better than other online booking agents. We do not charge additional booking fees when you book your accommodation in Melbourne. Book your Melbourne accommodation with us today to secure your reservation at the best price.

Our Melbourne Accommodation online booking service searches for all local accommodation providers to give you the cheapest rates and best availability on everything from luxury Melbourne hotels through to the cheapest Melbourne accommodation in hotels, apartments and motels, as well as convenient accommodation in Melbourne’s suburbs. For business travellers, your Melbourne CBD accommodation can be easily reached from the Melbourne Airport and offers excellent access to the city. For Melbourne holiday makers, theatre lovers, foodies, shoppers and sports fans; hotels, motels and apartments in Melbourne provide accommodation within easy access to all the popular Melbourne attractions.


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  • Melbourne Current Conditions
    Temperature: 6.4°C
    Dew Point: 1.7°C
    Relative Humidity: 72%
    Wind Speed: 13.0km/h
    Wind Gusts: 20.4km/h
    Wind Direction: N
    Pressure: 1012.3hPa
    Rain Since 9AM: 0.8mm